This April 24th, I was especially irked by a certain trend. (It’s not a particularly new trend, it’s more that I’m just particularly slow to notice things.)

With all the motivational Instagram pics and FB posts come iterations of “our survival is our revenge.” Mull that pithy statement over for a second. “Our survival is our revenge.” 
102 years ago, the leaders of what was once the most powerful empire in the world, plotted our complete extinction. Not only that, but they currently occupy our land, leaving most of it to rot, either through neglect or outright, state-sponsored demolition (if there is even a difference). All this is happening and the best we can muster is survival? Really? Existence is our primary method of retaliation? Still? Can’t we shoot a little higher? Shouldn’t I stop asking you questions and get to my point?

Survival was a strong act of resistance for actual genocide survivors, but that does not cut it anymore and thinking it does only perpetuates the victim mentality we Armenians have been mired in for so long. Not to mention it provides a convenient way to ignore the very real things we could be doing but aren’t.

At this point, my existence takes very little effort and chalking that up to a victory is a cop-out. (And let’s be honest, we’re not even doing that well “surviving” as Armenians in the Diaspora anyway. But that’s another blog for another day. Now excuse me while I continue this post in English.)

I will not settle for existence as my revenge.

My revenge will be when I can take a weekend trip to Akhtamar without needing a visa.
My revenge will be when Armenia becomes the IT center of the world.
My revenge will be when there is a chair of Armenian Studies at top universities around the world.
My revenge will be when there are as many books on Antranig, Njdeh and Kevork Chavoush as there are on Patton, Sherman or Churchill.
My revenge will be when the collective population of Armenia and the Diaspora reacts with contempt toward anyone who deigns mutter the phrase “yergiruh yergir chi.”
My revenge will be having a summer dacha in Baku. (Too much? Don’t care.)

This is my revenge.