Vernissage. For those who know what it is, the word evokes an image of controlled chaos. A French word used to describe the day before the opening of an art exhibit, the word Vernissage has been coopted and assimilated into Armenian lexicon to describe the sprawling open-air market located in the center of Yerevan. Also known as a major tourist trap, Vernissage is home to every gadget, knick-knack and pomegranate-shaped doodad you can imagine. As beautiful as these items are, it is a shame. It’s a shame that Vernissage has become nothing more than the epicenter of miniature khachkars (cross stones) in many peoples’ minds. In order to remedy this situation, a fancy new Instagram account has been created called TheVernissager. The Vernissager is dedicated to documenting all the beautiful, interesting, musty and weird things you can find there. So for all you people who love finding charming and hidden relics, feel free to follow and take in all the truly fantastic, sometimes peculiar and always intriguing items you can find at Vernissage, a place that is more than just trinkets.